About Us

KCD stands for Khmer Community Development. As our name says, we want to improve the quality of life through contributing to the Sustainable Development Goals, especially through promoting ownership of tools and knowledge about building self-confidence; environmental, health and nutrition issues; organic agriculture; etc., but also through the promotion of inter-ethnic peace, as it is the precondition for an economic and social development in harmony. Grown out in 2002 from a University Student Club that mainly worked with youth from the outskirts of Phnom Penh, we became a registered NGO in 2005 and moved in 2006 to the new project area in the South of Kandal province, near the Vietnamese border.

Our Work

As a Peace Organisation, we understand that we cannot promote peace without paying attention to the context in which peace shall flourish. This is why we use Community Development, Education and Sports as fields in which conflicts can be managed in a constructive and peaceful way.
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Place and People

In 2006, we decided to concentrate our activities to one specific commune called Prek Chrey, in Kandal Province. Why this commune? There are many poor areas in rural Cambodia, but few of them need more support in peace education than this one. Prek Chrey is located at the Vietnam border and threatened by latent conflicts between ethnic Khmer and ethnic Vietnamese, both living in the same commune.
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The Team

We are a small but passionate group of people working both on-ground in Prek Chrey and in our office in Phnom Penh. Our team consists of both regular staff and volunteers. Moreover, young Khmer-Vietnamese speakers are regularly recruited at the occasion of diverse activities (drawing, performance, sport competition, language teaching, etc.) to assist and translate between Khmer and Vietnamese.
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Donors and Network

KCD activities are supported by a large number of international donors. We have partnerships with many local and international NGOs and actors. Moreover we actively participate in local networks for Peace and Human Rights.
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