Child Rights

Our Child Rights Project encourages the self-empowerment of children and youths of Khmer, Vietnamese or mixed ethnicity. Children and parents of Prek Chrey Commune have the opportunity to attend free workshops on Child Rights, gender equality, drug abuse prevention and mediation methods. For the children, English, Khmer and Vietnamese language classes as well as computer classes are offered by KCD and by local youths with advisory support from KCD. The Peace Club is the core of our Child Rights Project. Its members are children and youths from both ethnicities who learn about, teach and promote peace in the entire commune. With KCD’s support, they conduct regular campaigns and educational film evenings in the villages of Prek Chrey commune to promote hygiene measures, human rights, dengue prevention, school enrollment and attendance, peace and more.

Many Peace Club members, all of them students themselves, teach younger children for free in different subjects to give them a chance to improve their performance at school. These extra classes have become widely popular and have even inspired youth groups from other areas in Cambodia to establish this model in their communities. The local peace library with English, Khmer and Vietnamese books, and the mobile library, which are supervised by a former teacher of Prek Chrey School, are also part of the Child Rights project.