KCD published in 2008 in 3 languages a little story of peace, telling about “Sopha and May”: Sopha is Khmer and his friend May is Vietnamese. Both live in Prek Chrey. One day, they meet together with their Khmer and Vietnamese friends swimming in the river, as a problem occurs…

This publication is available at the office in Phnom Penh. Please contact or call 012 478 381.

Thanks to the authorisation of the German GTZ, KCD published 2 books in 4 languages each: the first in Khmer, English, French and German, and, as the Vietnamese and the Korean constitute the two biggest groups of visitors in the “Kingdom of Wonder”, the second in Khmer, Vietnamese, Korean and English. More than 200 sayings shall help discover the Khmer soul and start discussions with the Cambodian friends.

Both publications have been compiled by Alain Fressanges, who retranslated into English, French and German.

The translation to Vietnamese is by NGUYEN Hai Anh and into Korean by KIM Yenny.

All the profit from the sales of those books goes exclusively to support of KCD activities in Prek Chrey.

The book in handy size (A6) is available at Monuments Books (#111, Norodom Bld), Mekong Quilts (#49, St 240), Phnom Penh Airport and KCD office.