Forum Theatre Training


Forum Theatre was developed by Augusto Boal, a Brazilian dramatist. Forced to leave Brazil in the 1970s, he developed his ideas of democratizing politics through theatre and created the Centres of Theatre for the Oppressed in Paris and Rio de Janeiro.

The goal of Forum Theatre is to encourage social change through promoting empathy between different groups. In Cambodia, this approach can be used to empower communities, including minority groups and youth; teach them to express themselves and address their personal challenges, build understanding for each other. To learn more about Forum Theatre and its history, please read our Blog article.

Forum Theatre TRAINING

KCD is currently offering free three days training to six NGOs who are interested to learn more about Forum Theatre during 2019 and 2020.

Forum Theatre Training is optimal with a group of 15-20 individuals. The target group for this training is field/program staff of NGOs who usually work with local communities in a participatory manner. Below is an overview of the agenda for the training:

Day 1:  Introduction to Forum Theatre

  • Benefits of using Forum Theatre, including building empathy between NGOs and communities
  • Sharing examples of using Form Theatre in different projects, including nutrition, child rights, peacebuilding
  • KCD film about Forum Theatre
  • How to implement Forum Theatre

Day 2: Learning Forum Theatre tools

  • Games & Exercises
  • Discussion, Collecting Issues and Questions, Preparation

DAY 3: Practicing Forum Theatre

  • Lead groups in Forum Theatre practice


If you or your NGO are interested in this kind of training, contact us by:

Phone: 012 478 381


or by our website contact form