Peace is the major concern of KCD. The Peace Project comprehends approaches which directly address this concern.

The project’s includes the Interethnic Football Club, whose members – both ethnic Khmer and ethnic Vietnamese – play together every week with training from KCD. By bringing two ethnic youth groups together we hope to achieve increased feeling of solidarity and better understanding through the framework of sports. Children of different age regularly compete as the “Team Prek Chrey” in football tournaments in Phnom Penh.

The project also includes thematic language lessons in Khmer, Vietnamese and English. Ethnic Vietnamese youth take regular Khmer classes to ensure their better integration into the Khmer society and increase cross-cultural interaction within the community. Conflict Management and Conflict Resolution workshops are regularly conducted with community in order to stress the importance of peaceful coexistence of cultures. Besides that, the Peace Project educates selected Khmer and Vietnamese youths to act as Peace Mediators in the commune.

One of the key elements of our Peace Project is the practical conflict resolution analysis through the drama strategy “Forum Theater”. KCD uses the tool of Forum Theater to empower the ethnic Vietnamese villagers. Forum Theater provides them space to express their problems and needs without fearing the community’s reaction. It is aimed at combating discrimination and prejudice within the Prek Chrey community. By providing both ethnic groups an opportunity to express themselves we aim at building empathy and cross-cultural understanding and, thus, contribute towards peace in Prek Chrey. Twice a year, on the International Children’s Day and on the Cambodian National Peace Day, KCD and the local youths organize an event in the villages of Prek Chrey commune for children and parents from Prek Chrey and other areas in appreciation of peace and human rights.